6 Reasons Why You Mustn’t Miss It’s The Ship 2017, Asia’s Largest Festival At Sea

6 Reasons Why You Mustn’t Miss It’s The Ship 2017, Asia’s Largest Festival At Sea

It’s The Ship is back with its 4th instalment and with a bigger and more luxurious ship, the Genting Dream. For the uninitiated, It’s The Ship is an annual cruise party organised by Livescape that can only be described with superlatives – the biggest, the most exciting, the craziest, the most luxurious, the most unforgettable. Here’s one of their promo videos and just by watching it, you can guess just why It’s The Ship 2017 is truly Asia’s Largest Festival At Sea.

The cruise music festival is happening on 17th to 20th November 2017. The Genting Dream will depart from Singapore’s Marina Bay Cruise Centre, cruise along the Straits of Malacca, make a stop at Phuket, Thailand and lastly, back to Singapore. Ticket prices range from US$583 per person (not including port fees and gratuities) for an inside cabin and go up to US$2388 per person for the dream deluxe suite. All tickets include all meals at The Dream Dining Room and The Lido and all non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drinks. For more ticket and cabin details, click here.

The Genting Dream is a cruise ship of epic proportions. It is 335 metres long, 40 metres wide and weighs 150 000 tonnes. It fits 3 352 passengers on board comfortably and has 2 000 crew members.

Genting Dream Cruise Singapore

Without further ado, here are six reasons why It’s The Ship 2017 is absolutely amazing.

#1 The Food

The Genting Dream has over 35 restaurants and bars, serving various cuisines such as Chinese, Western, Japanese and much more. Each restaurant has a different concept and offerings. And some¬†have settings that will leave you in awe. Needless to say, you’ll be well-fed onboard!

Cruise Party Great Food

It's The Ship 2017 Food

It's The Ship Luxury Dining

It's The Ship Restaurant

Singapore Luxury Cruise Ship

#2 The Entertainment

As a testament to The Genting Dream’s luxuriousness, it carries a waterslide park, ropes course, rock climbing wall, mini-golf course, karaoke rooms, shopping mall, spa, gymnasium, basketball court, arcade, casino, neon bowling alley and even a Zouk club! That’s just absolute madness. How can you not be entertained 24/7 when you’re onboard?

It's The Ship Arcade

It's The Ship Bowling

It's The Ship Rock Climbing

It's The Ship Rope Course

#3 The Cabins

Dream Cruises spared no expenses when it comes to building The Genting Dream. Over 70% of its cabins have private balconies with an absolutely stunning view of the ocean. Their designs are both modern and tranquil. Each cabin comes with plush beds to help you re-energize for another day of fun! Unfortunately, the king of all cabins, the Garden Penthouse, pictured below is already sold out. *GASP*

It's The Ship Garden Penthouse

It's The Ship Garden Penthouse 2

Nonetheless, check out the other swanky cabins where you and your loved one (or party mates) can chill out in.


Dream Executive Suite


It's The Ship Dream Deluxe Suite
Dream Deluxe Suite


Dream Suite
Dream Suite

#4 The People

Last year, sea travellers on board It’s The Ship came from a wide array of countries, mainly Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Ravers gathered in unity to have fun and learn about each others’ lifestyles. What better way to make beautiful and fun-loving friends across borders than over a glass of champagne and addictive music in the background?

It's The Ship Party

It's The Ship Hot

It's The Ship 2017 PeopleIt's The Ship 2017 Party

#5 The Trip

Phuket is one of the world’s finest beach destinations, with clear waters, white sand and a thriving tourism industry, with plenty of businesses ready to entertain, pamper and satisfy your cravings. Although it’s just an 8-hour pit stop, that’s more than enough for you to take plenty of Instagram-worth photos, enjoy the local delicious (AND CHEAP) food and buy a couple of souvenirs.

Phuket Thailand

#6 The Party

Beautiful people in beachwear, endless skies, a huge pool, plenty of theatrics and great music. What else can you ask for at a party?

For more information about It’s The Ship 2017, click here to visit their official website.

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